ZISC Information Security Colloquium HS 2009

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Talk 7: Paradigms in virtualization based host security

10.09.2009; ...

Wrap-up and end
11.09.2009, Bernhard Plattner and Diego Zamboni
Talk 11: Attack Graphs + Mechanically Generated Constraints
11.09.2009, Lee Badger, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
Talk 10: ENISA Risk Assessment of Cloud Computing – Preliminary Results
11.09.2009, Giles Hogben, ENISA, EU
Talk 9: A NIST Perspective on Cloud Computing
11.09.2009, Tim Grance, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
Talk 8: Cloud Computing and Security: a Googley Perspective
11.09.2009, Peter Dickman, Google Inc., Zurich, Switzerland
Talk 7: Paradigms in virtualization based host security
10.09.2009, ; ...
Talk 6: New Cloud Computing challenges: the security impact in the “social” world.
10.09.2009, Massimo Villari, University of Messina, Italy
Talk 5: Of Cold Steam, Mist and Vapour: A View from the Inside of the Cloud
10.09.2009, Dirk Kuhlman, HP Labs Bristol, UK
Talk 4: A survey of current security-related operating systems research
10.09.2009, Timothy Roscoe, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Talk 3: Using virtualization technology for fault and intrusion tolerance
10.09.2009, Hans P. Reiser, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Talk 1: Not Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
10.09.2009, Gunter Ollmann, Damballa Inc., Atlanta GA, USA
Welcome note
10.09.2009, Bernhard Plattner and Diego Zamboni
Talk 2: Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Security’s Golden or Gilded Age
10.09.2009, Kevin Skapinetz, IBM Internet Security Systems, Atlanta GA, USA

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