The Zurich Physics Colloquium

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The role of accelerators in understanding the Dark Universe

19.03.2008Rolf Heuer

Neutron Stars, Black Holes, and the Dense Matter Equation of State
29.04.2015, Ozel, Feryal
The Quantum Way of Doing Computations
22.04.2015, Blatt, Rainer
Taming the World's Largest Schrödinger Cat
25.03.2015, Girvin, Steven
Approaching 30 Years of High-Temperature Superconductivity
18.03.2015, Chang, Johan
How Things Slide: Friction is Fracture
04.03.2015, Fineberg, Jay
The Birth of the Fifth Generation Light Source
25.02.2015, Rosenzweig, James
Phi^4_3 Revisted
18.02.2015, Hairer, Martin
Precision Higgs Physics
03.12.2014, Anastasiou, Charalampos
Quantum Fluid of Light in Microstructured Semiconductor Microcavities
26.11.2014, Bloch, Jacqueline
The Decade of the WIMP
19.11.2014, Kolb, Rocky
Disordered photonics - unpublished
12.11.2014, Wiersma, Diederik
Many Body Localization and the Breakdown of Ergodicity in Quantum Systems
05.11.2014, Altman, Ehud
The Theory of Supernova Explosions - unpublished
29.10.2014, Burrows, Adam
Topological Materials at the Nanoscale
22.10.2014, Hoffman, Jenny
The Impact of Physics on Discoveries in the Bio-Molecular World - unpublished
15.10.2014, Dekker, Nynke
Quantum Phase Transitions and the Higgs
08.10.2014, Terning, John
The Impossible Electron: Understanding the Paradoxes of Self-Force
01.10.2014, Steane, Andrew
Emergent Simplicity of Evolutionary Dynamics and the Possibility of Predicting Evolutionary Future - unpublished
24.09.2014, Shraiman, Boris
Current Advances in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
17.09.2014, Pruessmann, Klaas
The Quest of the Kagome Hubbard Model
21.05.2014, Thomale, Ronny
A Collaborative Learning Environment using the SCALE-UP Pedagogy
14.05.2014, Feldman, Gerald
What is the Higgs Boson trying to tell us?
07.05.2014, Lykken, Joseph
The Growth of Supermassive Black Holes and their Co-Evolution with Galaxies - unpublished
16.04.2014, Urry, Megan
A Case of Non-Quantum Quantization - unpublished
09.04.2014, Couder, Yves
Dynamic Jamming: Turning Fluids Into Solids
26.03.2014, Jaeger, Heinrich
From Cosmology to Cold Atoms: Sakharov Acoustic Oscillations
19.03.2014, Chin, Cheng
Anthropocene: The Closing Doors of Climate Targets
12.03.2014, Stocker, Thomas
Scattering Amplitudes and Hidden Symmetries
05.03.2014, Plefka, Jan
A CLOSE-UP of Synthetic Quantum Matter
26.02.2014, Greiner, Markus
Quantum Microwave Optomechanical Circuits - unpublished
19.02.2014, Teufel, John
Quantum Criticality in High Temperature Superconductors
18.12.2013, Sachdev, Subir
Very Attractive Slow Photons
11.12.2013, Vuletic, Vladan
Wave Particle Duality for a Single Photon
03.12.2013, Aspect, Alain
Negative Refraction, Radiationless Interference and Subwavelength Focusing: The Quest for the Superlens
27.11.2013, Merlin, Roberto
Carbon Solid State Physics and Light Scattering
20.11.2013, Jorio, Ado
Single Atom Optical Clocks
14.11.2013, Wineland, David J.
Manipulating Trapped Photons and Raising Schrödinger Cats of Light
06.11.2013, Haroche, Serge
Quantum Annealing
30.10.2013, Troyer, Matthias
Vortices and Superfluidity in Exciton-Polariton Condensates
23.10.2013, Deveaud-Plédran, Benoit
Controlling Waves at Subwavelength Scales in Space and Time through Complex Media
16.10.2013, Fink, Mathias
Cytoskeletal Patterns: Self Organization of Driven Filaments - not published
09.10.2013, Bausch, David
The Fast Track to finding an Inhabited Exoplanet
02.10.2013, Charbonneau, David
Quantum Magnetism from the Bottom up
22.05.2013, Monroe, Christopher
The Discovery of Majorana Fermions in Condensed Matter?
15.05.2013, Alicea, Jason
Graphene Future Emerging Technology
29.04.2013, Ferrari, Andrea
Optical Control of Developmental Processes in Zebrafish
24.04.2013, Bensimon, David
From Complexity to Simplicity: Deconstructing Galaxy Evolution
17.04.2013, Lilly, Simon
The Remarkable Mathematical Structure of Scattering Amplitudes
10.04.2013, Spradlin, Marcus
Statistical Physics and Biology: a Stimulating Partnership
27.03.2013, Hwa, Terry
Cooling and Amplification of a Vacuum-Trapped Nanoparticle
20.03.2013, Novotny, Lukas
Weak Measurements and Weak Values, a Peephole into Quantum Mechanics
13.03.2013, Gefen, Yuval
Symmetry Breaking and Topological Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates
06.03.2013, Ueda, Masahito
Gravitational Waves from Coalescing Binary Black Holes
27.02.2013, Damour, Thibault
Nuclear Techniques for Cultural Heritage Podcast
20.02.2013, Mandò, Piero
Proteins in Motion
19.12.2012, Parrinello, Michele
100 Years Cosmic Rays
12.12.2012, Biland, Adrian
Gravitational and Centrifugal Quantum States of Neutrons and Anti-Hydrogen Atoms
05.12.2012, Nesvizhevsky, Valery
From Synthetic Many-Body Systems to Devices
28.11.2012, Esslinger, Tilman
Is it the Higgs Boson?
22.11.2012, Donega, Mauro
What happens when you look at a Spin?
21.11.2012, Ozeri, Roee
Progress in Radiocarbon Detection and Related Applications
14.11.2012, Synal, Hans-Arno
Observing Black Holes with Schwarzschild Radius Resolution
07.11.2012, Doeleman, Shep
What's so Exciting about Nanocarbons?
24.10.2012, Dresselhaus, Millie
Classical Wigner Crystals on flat and curved surfaces, topological defects, 'pleats' and particle fractionalization
17.10.2012, Chaikin, Paul
High-Temperature Super-Conductivity:Taming Serendipity
10.10.2012, Greene, Laura
Making the Molecular Movie: First Frames... With Regae Music
03.10.2012, Miller, Dwayne
Prospects for Superconducting Qubits
26.09.2012, DiVincenzo, David
Gas Dynamics, Galaxy Assembly and Star Formation
19.09.2012, Tacconi, Linda
Ultracold Polar Molecules --- unpublished Colloquium
30.05.2012, Ospelkaus, Silke
An Insulating Superconductor
23.05.2012, Shahar, Dan
The Sustainable Energy Challenge --- unpublished Colloquium
09.05.2012, Crabtree, George
Quantum Physics, Computation, and Biology --- unpublished Colloquium
02.05.2012, Briegel, Hans
Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies
25.04.2012, Tremaine, Scott
Free-Electron Lasers: New Frontiers in Atomic and molecular research ... and beyond --- unpublished Colloquium
18.04.2012, Ullrich, Joachim
Indication of Electron Neutrino Appearance in the T2K Experiment and its Long-Term Implications
04.04.2012, Rubbia, André
Precision Penning Trap Experiments with Stored and Cooled Exotic Ions
28.03.2012, Blaum, Klaus
The First Supermassive Black Holes
21.03.2012, Begelman, Mitchell
Seeing the Quantum World in a Grain of Carbon
14.03.2012, Wrachtrup, Jörg
Gravitational Wave Detection from Space
07.03.2012, Schutz, Bernard F.
Georges Charpak - The Man
29.02.2012, Breskin, Amos
Confessions of a Converted Lecturer
22.02.2012, Mazur, Eric
The Dynamics and Evolution of Terrestrial Planets in our Solar System and Beyond
21.12.2011, Tackley, Paul
Cellular Decision Making by the Numbers
07.12.2011, Phillips, Rob
Magnetism Based on Surfaces, Interfaces and Point Defects
30.11.2011, Sawatsky, George
Performance and Results of the LHCb Experiment at Cern
23.11.2011, Straumann, Ueli
Mesoscopic Magnetic Imaging
16.11.2011, Moler, Kathryn
From Ultracold Fermi Gases to Neutron Stars
09.11.2011, Salomon, Christoph
Particle Physics on a Chip; A Search for Majorana Fermions
02.11.2011, Kouwenhoven, Leo
Optical Manipulation of Magnetic Order: Challenges and Opportunities
26.10.2011, Rasing, Theo
On the First Solvay Congress in 1911
19.10.2011, Straumann, Norbert
Imaging Proteins with X-ray Free-Electron Laser Pulses
12.10.2011, Chapman, Henry
Astronomy with Cherenkov Telescopes: Probing Cosmic Particle Accelerators
05.10.2011, Hofmann, Werner
Quantum Channel Capacities – Knowns and Unknowns.
28.09.2011, Winter, Andreas
Quantum Money from Knots?
21.09.2011, Farhi, Ed
Will Fuel Cells Play an Important Role in our Energy Future?
25.05.2011, Gauckler, Ludwig
100 years of superconductivity -> Podcast is not available
18.05.2011, Fischer, Oystein
Quantum Information Processing and Metrology Using Few Electron Spins in Solids
11.05.2011, Yacobi, Amir
New Tools for Forecasting Old Physics at the LHC
04.05.2011, Dixon, Lance
Gravitational Lenses of the Dark Universe
20.04.2011, Amara, Adam
Real-Time Probing of Structural Dynamics in Solids by Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction
13.04.2011, Elsaesser, Thomas
A Practical Guide to Discovering New Materials - notice: for technical reasons, the first part of the lecture is missing
06.04.2011, Canfield, Paul
Redshift Space Distortions of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
30.03.2011, Szalay, Alex
Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulators -> Podcast is not available
23.03.2011, Beenakker, Carlo
An Introduction to Topological Insulators
16.03.2011, Osterwalder, Jürg
Using Density Functional Theory to Design New Materials
09.03.2011, Spaldin, Nicola
Complex Oxides: A New Playground for Physics and Technology
02.03.2011, Mackenzie, Andy
In the Brightness Bind Them: Light and Matter in Photonic Crystal Fibres
23.02.2011, Russel, Philip
Laboratory Tests of Gravitation
15.12.2010, Schlamminger, Stephan
Spin Current-Induced Magnetization Dynamics
08.12.2010, Kläui, Mathias
The CMS Experiment at the LHC: From its Conception to First Physics Results
01.12.2010, Pauss, Felicitas; Dissertori, Guenther
Condensed Matter Particle Physics
24.11.2010, Pfleiderer, Christian
Rydberg Blockade Mediated Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms
17.11.2010, Saffman, Mark
Listening to the Quantum Drum – Mechanics in its Ground State
10.11.2010, Donner, Tobias
Neutrino Physics beyond Neutrino Masses and Mixing
03.11.2010, del Aguila, Francisco
The (Unfortunate) Complexity of Economic Systems
27.10.2010, Bouchaud, Jean-Philippe
Atom Chips – a Quantum Laboratory on a Microchip
20.10.2010, Treutlein, Philipp
Graphene: Relativistic Electrons in Carbon Flatland
13.10.2010, Andrei, Eva Y.
Probing the Physical Properties of Extrasolar Planets
06.10.2010, Laughlin, Greg
Helical Metals on the Surfaces of Topological Insulators
29.09.2010, Yazdani, Ali
Towards Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Atoms
22.09.2010, Ketterle, Wolfgang
Cosmic Magnetic Fields
02.06.2010, Wielebinski, Richard
Quantum Information
26.05.2010, Werner, Reinhard
Measurement of the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen: the proton radius puzzle.
19.05.2010, Antognini, Aldo
Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Nanomechanics
12.05.2010, Poggio, Martino
Verifying Inflation and Probing Dark Energy
05.05.2010, Mukhanov, Slava
Emergent Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces
28.04.2010, Hwang, Harold Y.
Physics of Life Processes: In Search of Design Principles of Life
14.04.2010, Frey, Erwin
A quantum Memory Lasting Seconds in Silicon
31.03.2010, Morton, John
Neutrino Physics – Past, Present, and Future
24.03.2010, Wark, Dave
Controlling Strongly Correlated Electrons with Light
17.03.2010, Cavalleri, Andrea
Einstein's unknown insight and the problem of quantizing chaotic motion
10.03.2010, Stone, A. Douglas
Illuminating Dark Matter
03.03.2010, Weiner, Neil
Strong Matter-Light Coupling in the Ultracold
24.02.2010, Brennecke, Ferdinand
Pixels for Beauty
16.12.2009, Horisberger, Roland
Dark Matter
09.12.2009, Silk, Joe
Standard Model and Beyond: From Tevatron to LHC
03.12.2009, Varelas, Nikos
Planet Formation and Evolution
25.11.2009, Benz, Willy
Graphene Electronics
18.11.2009, Morpurgo, Alberto
Fermion Pairing with Ultracold Atoms
11.11.2009, Hulet, Randy
News from Quantum Hall Effect
04.11.2009, v. Klitzing, Klaus
The Infrared Universe: The Cosmic Evolution of Superstarbursts and Merging Massive Black Holes
28.10.2009, Sanders, David
Charge Transport Physics of Conjugated Polymer Semiconductors
14.10.2009, Sirringhaus, Henning
All Things Bright and Beautiful: Light and Colour Manipulation in the Natural World
08.10.2009, Vukusic, Peter
Quantum Cryptography
30.09.2009, Brassard, Gilles
Silicon Retina-Tetina-Tetina
23.09.2009, Delbrueck, Tobi
Invisible Cloaks and a Perfect Lens
15.09.2009, John Pendry
How Much Information is in a Quantum State?
27.05.2009, Scott Aaronson
Watching the Dance of the Atoms in Slow-Motion
06.05.2009, Dietrich von der Linde
The Two Mysteries of Superconductivity
29.04.2009, Louis Taillefer
Atoms and Molecules in Rydberg states
22.04.2009, Frederik Merkt
Galileos Discovery of a New World in the Heavens and a New Physics on Earth
01.04.2009, William R. Shea
The Large Hadron Collider
25.03.2009, Lyn Evans
Solving Gauge and String Theories with Integrable Spin Chains
18.03.2009, Niklas Beisert
X-Rays Shines Light on the Mystery of Water
11.03.2009, Anders Nilsson
Cavity Optomechanics: Backaction-Cooling of Mechanical Oscillators
25.02.2009, Tobias Kippenberg
ESO: Present and Future
17.12.2008, Tim de Zeeuw
Cold Dark Matter Searches and the XENON Experiment
10.12.2008, Laura Baudis
The Quest for the Inner Structure of the Proton
03.12.2008, Christoph Grab
The Interplanetary Transport Network: Mapping Chaotic Motion Through the Solar System
26.11.2008, Shane Ross
Coupling MEMS to Photons: an new Approach to Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena
19.11.2008, Jack Harris
Quantum Private Queries
12.11.2008, Seth Lloyd
Entangeled Electrons in the Solid State: Quantum Interference and Dephasing
05.11.2008, Moty Heilblum
Solar Neutrino Spectroscopy with BOREXINO at Gran Sasso
29.10.2008, Stefan Schoenert
Coherent X-Ray Imaging and Microscopy for Life Science Applications
22.10.2008, Franz Pfeiffer
Non Abelian Anyons - What they are and How They can be Identified
15.10.2008, Ady Stern
Precision Atom Interferometry
08.10.2008, Mark Kasevich
Engines of Discovery: The Role of Accelerators in Scientific Exploration
01.10.2008, Leonid Rivkin
Entropy: The Mathematical Heritage of Ludwig Boltzmann
24.09.2008, Cedric Villani
The Quantum Spin Hall Effect
17.09.2008, Shoucheng Zhang
Nuclear Physics, Stellar Explosions and the Abundance Evolution in Galaxies
28.05.2008, Friedrich-K. Thielemann
Quasiparticle Extinction due to approaching Mottness - the Achilles Heel of High-TcSuperconductivity?
21.05.2008, J.C. Seamus Davis
Nanotechnology Tools for Biology, the Power of Single Molecule Biophysics
14.05.2008, Cees Dekker
Inelastic Electron Scattering off Magnetic Impurities
07.05.2008, Leonid Glazman
100 Years of Liquid Helium
23.04.2008, Hans Rudolf Ott
The Quest for Very Low Mass Planets
16.04.2008, Michel Mayor
Superconducting Interfaces Between Insulating Oxides
09.04.2008, Jean Marc Triscone
Real and Futuristic Spin Qubits
02.04.2008, Lieven Vandersypen
The role of accelerators in understanding the Dark Universe
19.03.2008, Rolf Heuer
Challenges and Opportunities of High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
12.03.2008, Peter Boesiger
The Physics of Dunes
27.02.2008, Hans Herrmann
Precision Physics with Jet Observables
20.02.2008, Thomas Gehrmann
Particle Tracking in Turbulence
19.12.2007, Eberhard Bodenschatz
Elementary Particles in the Mirror of Space and Time: Violation of Discrete Symmetries
12.12.2007, Antoine Weiss
Imaging 3D Neural Network Activity: A Glance at the Mesoscopic Scale in Neuroscience
05.12.2007, Fritjof Helmchen
From Disks to Planets - Boulders, Gaps, and Traffic Jams
28.11.2007, Thomas Henning
Abschied von der Weltformel
27.11.2007, Robert B. Laughlin
Quantum Nanoplasmonics and Cellular BASICs for Quantitative Biology and Medicine
21.11.2007, Luke Lee
Physics Across the Energy Frontier
14.11.2007, Riccardo Rattazzi
One-Electron Quantum Cyclotron Determines the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant
07.11.2007, Gerald Gabrielse
Schroedingers Mirrors: Quantum Experiments with Micro-Mechanical Systems
31.10.2007, Markus Aspelmeyer
QED in a Pencil Trace
24.10.2007, Andre Geim
Physics for Safety in the Mountains
17.10.2007, Jakob Rhyner
Graphene - Electronic Structure of an Intriguing Material
10.10.2007, Karsten Horn
Particle Acceleration by the Sun
03.10.2007, Robert P. Lin
Deterministic Quantum Mechanics
26.09.2007, Gerard t Hooft

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