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Energy Efficiency in a Growing Economy: Curse or Blessing?

30.01.2012Madlener, Reinhard

Nano-Optics – Light-Matter Interactions on the Nanometer Scale
05.02.2013, Novotny, Lukas
Greenland Ice Sheet and Dynamic Response to Global Warming
06.11.2012, Steffen, Konrad
Surprises at Interfaces in Nanomaterials
04.09.2012, Jeurgens, Lars P. H.
Bioinspired micropatterned surfaces with new adhesive functions
02.07.2012, Arzt, Eduard
Energy Efficiency in a Growing Economy: Curse or Blessing?
30.01.2012, Madlener, Reinhard
Inorganic Materials Synthesis in Organic Solvents
22.09.2011, Niederberger, Markus
Electronic Structure of Graphene: Simple but Complex
20.09.2011, Walter, Andrew L.
Monitoring the Global Carbon Cycle: A Scientific Challenge
14.06.2011, Heimann, Martin
Using density functional theory to design new materials: From magnetoelectronics to a theory of everything
12.04.2011, Spaldin, Nicola
Multifunctional properties in HEUSLER compounds: from topological insulators to spintronics
22.02.2011, Felser, Claudia
Controlling and using light at the nanoscale with plasmonic antennas
25.01.2011, Martin, Olivier
The hybrid Langmuir-Schaefer deposition - a new approach to create low dimensional functional nanostructures
23.11.2010, Rudolf, Petra
A surface science approach of corrosion
09.11.2010, Marcus, Philippe
Topological insulators: new physics with old materials
02.11.2010, Osterwalder, Jürg
Materials development at BASF for printed electronics
12.10.2010, Kastler, Marcel
Quantifying the climate impact of global and European transport systems
05.10.2010, Sausen, Robert
Measuring spin relaxation times of single atoms with nanosecond time resolution
09.07.2010, Heinrich, Andreas J.
Crossing continents, narrowing gaps
30.03.2010, Vincent, Julian
The SwissFEL X-Ray laser project at PSI: fundamentals, implementation and possible applications
02.03.2010, Patterson, Bruce D.
Smart polymers and electromechanical transduction
16.02.2010, De Rossi, Danilo
A world of plastics - whence and where to?
17.11.2009, Suter, Ulrich W.
Metallurgy and the industrial heritage
03.11.2009, Northover, Peter
Materials for flexible and conformable electronics
20.10.2009, Bauer, Siegfried
Automobiles of the future - options for efficient individual mobility
15.09.2009, Guzzella, Lino
Single Molecule Biophysics
18.06.2009, Anselmetti, Dario
Prediction of Crises and Extreme Events in Complex Systems
05.05.2009, Sornette, Didier

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